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This site is mostly for my learning purposes

I program in javascript and google apps script mostly. If you have a question ask it on I volunteer there. I don't do much consulting work any more.

Number of bones in a Tiger:

It has been erroneously reported as 432 but unfortunately that is incorrect. The actual number is much less.

Answer: 234

Multiple Dependent DropDowns

This version utilizes NamedRanges and DataValidations to accomplish multiple dependent dropdowns accross any tab/sheet. The gif below is a simple demonstration of how the script functions although the gif was taken for an earlier version of the code.

A Google Apps Script project.

Hot of the Presses

New dialog for Regex Searches on your Google Spreadsheets

Free Source for Google Sheets Regex Search Dialog

Just made it this morning. Checkout the source here.

From Images to DataURIs

Using DataURIs so that you can now host your webapp images from Google Drive